FORESTBRIDE create a cinematic mix of nu-gaze & downtempo electronica. Imagine you’re hiding somewhere between your Dad listening to Kate Bush in one room while your older brother is blasting Squarepusher in the next. It sounds a bit like that. Incidentally, that’s how the sound came to be. The resulting noise is dissected and reassembled by Russ Russell [Napalm Death/Dimmu Borgir], who intensifies the darkness of the expansive sound.

Before forming in 2013, the band members collaborated with Russ Russell, Dave Pemberton [The Prodigy] and Rich Thair [Red Snapper]. Giving in to Ghosts is the duo’s debut release – a collection of melancholic pop melodies and urgent dreamscapes. Their sound is inspired by diverse artists – Kate Bush & Brian Eno contrast the harder influence of Squarepusher & Cult of Luna. Individually, they have evolved to the music of My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Pink Floyd, Faith No More and Type O Negative.