King-Hell Breakthrough by I Killed PharaohKING-HELL BREAKTHROUGH – I KILLED PHARAOH
LJCD77 // LP // 21-APRL-2008

A creeping, wheezing gasp of clarity in the otherwise nonplussed ear of humanity, King-Hell Breakthrough is eleven tracks of brilliant menace, a collection of songs to jump to, to cry with, and to swear by.

Recorded and crafted with renowned alchemist and knob-fiddler Russ Russell, it tells the stories of a number of people affected by a single event, and encompasses the many musical and literary influences that have helped slap IKP into the state they currently find themselves in.

For fans of Faith No More, Deftones and Alice in Chains.

King-Hell Breakthrough is available now from Amazon, or if you contact COMMIT directly.
“Obvious talent, inventiveness and outright weirdness…downright awesome.”
– Big Cheese

“Wacky bass parts, delicious melody lines…wonderfully nutty music.
– Concrete Web

“Awesome and punishing…setting this band apart from anything that is around today.”
– Die Shellsuit, Die

“IKP remind you of a young Reuben, such is their energy and likeability.”
– Rock Sound

“King Hell Breakthrough has a youthful exuberance to it that is difficult to ignore.”
– Powerplay

“Unsettling, off kilter noir pop – Think the darkness of Chuck Mosely period Faith No More.”
– Subba Cultcha

“Supremely listenable . . . excellent stuff.”
– Room Thirteen

“Quirky, inventive alternative rock.”
– Hard Wired

“Deep, throbbing bass lines, anguished and emotional singing.”
– New Noise

“Queens Of The Big Rock thing.”
– The Organ

“I expect this lot have a bright future ahead of them…”
– Punktastic

“The profusion of personality-free, alt-rock by numbers is patience-testing.”
– Kerrang!